Hello And Welcome

This site is dedicated to discovering Open Workbench, the free project management tool used by more than 200,000 Project Managers around the world as a replacement for Microsoft Project.

It seems the Open Workbench community cannot be killed, even after the popular and useful web resource (http://openworkbench.org) was taken down.

My personal thanks, as a long-time user of Open Workbench, to itdesign (http://www.itdesign.de/) for picking up the Open Workbench project and continuing its development.

My own experience with Open Workbench started in the mid-2000s when I was working in the methodology team of a large financial services organisation. My team developed the organisation’s bank of delivery processes, which included the Project Planning and Tracking process and a number of standardised Work Breakdown Structure (project schedule) templates. The organisation used the Niku Portfolio Management system, one component of which was Niku Workbench.

When Niku Corporation was acquired by CA and the Workbench product was spun off to become Open Workbench, I consulted with a number of groups and teams within the company on how to architect and structure their project schedules, and how best to deploy them using Open Workbench.

I was also a forum moderator on the openworkbench.org site before it was decommissioned.

If you like what you see, and want to let me know, please leave a comment here. If you have a suggestion for a new tutorial, an improvement to an existing tutorial or would like some other information, please leave a comment here.

If you have a comment, question, frustration or suggestion, please share it on our Open Forum.

The best way to navigate this site is to use the Site Map. I hope you enjoy the Open Workbench Warrior.


19 Responses to Hello And Welcome

  1. Tammi says:

    I think it would be nice to see some quick screenshots on the new ribbon style in Version 2.0. This site has a lot of great information. Good job!

  2. Tammi says:

    Your site is looking FANTASTIC!

  3. vickiejeanc says:

    Where can I download the most recent version?

  4. Robert Russo says:

    Just downloaded Open Workbench, which doesn’t have a help feature. Where can I look up answers to questions I have?

    • Hi Robert. Open Workbench (at least for me) doesn’t respond to the F1 key, but there is a help file. There is a Question Mark icon located at the top-right of the Ribbon (just below the ‘x’ to quit). Clicking this Question Mark will bring up the Help file. If you have questions the Help File doesn’t answer, please feel free to post them here and we will endeavour to answer them for you as quickly as possible.

  5. john says:

    how to do sub task to another task ???

  6. Martti K. says:

    You don’t.
    By default the WBS hierarchy is Phase, Activity and tasks and milestones. Tasks are the only level where you can assign resources and effort and which you schedule. Phases and Activities are summary levels which summarize the data from the levels below.
    You can rename the summary levels and add more levels in the Options, but that will not change how the tasks are treated and how they function.

    I think you can rename tasks to subtasks and add a summary level and call that task, but that will still be a summary level and subtasks will be the ones that behave like tasks.

  7. El says:

    This is a fantastic site. I went through the beginner’s guide to open workbench and i must say, it is by far the most detailed information i have seen any where haven searched for week. Thank you and keep up the good work. Can we have further info on establishing external project dependencies?

  8. Stan says:

    Hi – I’m just investigating Open Workbench for possible use. One thing I’d like to do is import projects from .mpx (MS Project) files. The Help file says I can do that, but nowhere can I find the command or menu selection to do so (I got OWB 1.1.6 from the CA site). How do I import a .mpx file into OWB?


    • Martti K. says:

      Off hand I don’t think you can.
      It is MPP if I recall correctly. Those you just do with file open.

  9. Stan says:

    Martti – OK, thanks. I guess you’re right – MPX is MS Project Exchange format, but unfortunately that’s the format of files that I’ve got.

  10. Martti K. says:

    Sorry did not recall correctly.
    It was some old version of Workbench that could open mpp files. The recent files can only open rmp, Clarity and OWB xml files.
    There were third party tools to conver MS Project xml files to the OWB xml format.
    Copy paste is the easiest way currently, but not very good for multiple files.

  11. rohini says:

    Getting error :– IDR_DATE_ERROR_IN_AUTOSCHDULE????

  12. Martti K. says:

    It is
    CLRT-36840 (S3) – OWB: Autoscheduling Error: com.niku.cse.exceptions.SEInvalidDateException: IDR_DATE_ERROR_IN_AUTOSCHEDULE: IDR_DATE_ERROR_IN_AUTOSCHEDULE

    Resolved Defects 12.1.3_ 1-19-2012
    eg at

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