Managing Projects Part III: Resource Basics

In this post we’ll go through the basics of adding resources to projects. This tutorial is meant for people using Open Workbench stand-alone; those using Open Workbench in conjunction with the CA Clarity PPM system, will define your resources in Clarity.

The normal process (for me anyway) for planning a project starts with figuring out what types of resources I’ll need (for the project or the phase I’m planning). For example, I’ll normally use one Project Manager (me), a Sponsor, perhaps a couple of Business Analysts, etc. We need to model these resources in Open Workbench so we can assign work to them, and that will tell us how long we’ll need them for.

In the bottom portion of the Open Workbench window, right-click on the Row Selector and select Modify (you can also double-click the Row Selector).

This will bring up the Resource Properties dialog box. Enter a Name and an ID for your new Resource. You can also enter any other information that’s relevant, such as the number of hours per day your resource will work (in the ‘Availability’ field), or their Cost (using the ‘Rate’ field). The Open Workbench Help provides information on each field.

You can also create Resources by typing the details directly into the bottom portion of the Open Workbench window. You’ll need to know which fields are displayed to ensure you enter the correct information into each field.

Once we’ve defined our Resources, we need to Assign them to the Tasks in our Project. As with most other activities in Open Workbench, there are a number of ways to do this.

The most common method is to assign using the Task Properties dialog box. Right-click on the Row Selector next to your Task and select Modify (or double-click on the Row Selector). Then, move to the Resources tab. Click on the Row Selector next to the Resource (or Resources) you wish to assign, and click on Assign. Enter an Estimate (in hours) of the amount of Effort (Work, is MS Project language) required for each Resource to complete their part of the Task and click OK.

Don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to Open Workbench, which provides information on the features and functions of Open Workbench to get you started.

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2 Responses to Managing Projects Part III: Resource Basics

  1. vickiejeanc says:

    Can I work on more than one project at a time with Workbench? I was using OpenProj and had two projects and it won’t open one any longer. Also, I need to cost out equipment. Can I do that in Workbench? Thank you.

    • Yes you sure can, Vickie. Open Workbench can handle multiple projects (use Insert –> Subproject to add a project inside the current project) using a shared resource pool. You can also cost Equipment resources by creating an “Equipment” type resource and assigning a cost rate to the resource.

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