Working With Highlights

Open Workbench provides a wealth of information and feedback to the Project Manager by highlighting key information.

To view or manage Highlights rules, select the Project ribbon, then Colours and Shapes (or in OWB 1.1.6, select View -> Highlights). This will bring up the View Highlights dialog box, which contains a list of all current Highlights.

One pretty cool feature is you can print out the Highlights file, so you can have a Ready Reference of what the highlights mean. If you have a PDF Writer (I use Cute PDF) you can print it to a PDF File. Here’s a PDF of the default highlights.

There’s one Highlight I always modify; I don’t like the way Dependency violations disappear when the Task Status is set to ‘Started’. I like to see Dependency violations even on those Tasks I’m already working.

To modify a Highlight condition (I’ll modify the Dependency Violation) , follow these steps:

  • Open the View Highlights dialog box, and make sure that Task Information is selected (it is by default when the dialog box opens).
  • Locate in the Highlights grid the Highlight you wish to modify.
  • To modify the rules when the condition is Highlighted, double-click the Conditions field. This will bring up the Highlight Condition dialog box.
  • I’m going to modify the Dependency Violation condition, and change when the condition is highlighted. This is the default condition:

    I’ll change it so the violation is highlighted even when the Task is Started:

There’s a bug with Open Workbench 2.0 at the moment (at least for me), where I get an error when I try to change the highlight colour, or try to create a new Highlight. I’ve notified IT Design of this, and hopefully they will remediate it in the next version of the product.

Using Open Workbench 1.1.6 (and 2.0, when the bug gets fixed) you can also modify how the Highlight appears. To change either the background colour or the font colour, size or appearance of a Highlight, double-click on the Sample column to bring up the Font dialog box:

Make your desired changes and click OK.

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