Managing Resource Availability

The Availability of a resource is a series of parameters that indicates when a Resource is available to work. The main parameters that control Availability are:

Availability: Availability applies to Labour type Resources, and is the number of hours per day the Resource works (or is available for allocation to projects).
Start Date: For a Labour type Resource (either a Role or a Human), the Start Date is normally the date the resource was hired. For Material or Equipment type Resources, it is the date the item was purchased.
Finish Date: For Labour type Resources, the Finish Date is normally the date the resource’s contract ends.

The Availability, Start and Finish Dates are found in the Availability section on the General tab of the Resource Properties dialog box.

Calendar: The Resource Calendar will manage which days are Work Days and which are Non Work Days (weekends, vacation days, public holidays, etc.). Each Resource will adopt a Base Calendar (Open Workbench is installed with a Standard Calendar, which all Resources will adopt by default) which can then be personalised to the Resource.

Selecting a Non Work Day (e.g. a Saturday or Sunday) and clicking the Workday button will turn the day into a Work Day. Selecting a Work Day and clicking the Holiday button will turn the day into a Non Work Day. The calendar can be reset to the Base Calendar by clicking Reset All.

Use these 4 parameters (Availability, Start, Finish, Calendar) to model when the Resource is available to work on the project.

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