Resource Management Overview

Managing resources, at least for projects, comes down to this:


If you manage the four ‘A’s you can’t go too far wrong. The trick is managing the ‘A’s’. Or more correctly in most organisations, negotiating with the Managers who own the ‘A’s’.

The Four A’s of resource management are:


Availability is defined as ‘when is this Resource available for allocating to work?’ The main parameters that govern Availability are:

  • Resource Start Date:
  • Resource Finish Date
  • Calendar (work days, weekends, public holidays, vacation time, etc.)
  • Availability (hours per day)


Allocation is the agreement between the Project Manager and the resource (or their manager) for how much of their Availability will be spent working on the project. When using Open Workbench stand-alone, Allocation and Availability are the same.


Assignment is the tasks within the project that the resource will actually perform. These are the tasks in the Open Workbench plan.


This is the time (effort) spent by the resource working on their Task Assignments.

If you’re using Open Workbench in conjunction with the CA Clarity PPM system, three of the four ‘A’s (Availability, Allocation, Actuals) will be controlled by, and managed in, Clarity. For those using Open Workbench in ‘stand-alone’ mode, check out the articles below about managing each of the ‘A’s.

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